"every hit starts from the feet"

Welcome to Tezock, the brand of socks designed specifically for padel and tennis! If you are passionate about racquet sports, you are in the right place. Tezock is the perfect choice for those looking for the perfect combination of comfort, performance and safety on the court.

Our socks have been designed with the specific needs of players in mind to bring out their full potential and avoid injuries. Some of the innovations that we have implemented in our socks are the following:

  • GripTech: This is a strategic non-slip design on the sole, which will make you concentrate on the game and avoid uncomfortable slipping on your shoes. At the same time, it allows you to maintain better balance thanks to the grip areas, with less foot friction and optimal performance in each shot.
  • ProtectionTech: This feature provides additional durability, protecting critical wear points during the rapid lateral movements and constant changes of direction typical of padel tennis. Thanks to this reinforcement, players can enjoy greater abrasion resistance and long sock life, making them a reliable and durable choice for the most intense matches, thus avoiding common injuries.
  • BreathableTech: We know how important it is to keep your feet cool and dry during games. Our socks have a breathable design in the instep area, which ensures adequate air circulation and keeps your feet comfortable even in the most intense conditions.